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 The beginning....... 

The beginning as a trained carpenter wood fascinated me at an early age. I tried in my first Kantel many years to get something similar like a pipe and I regard the first five years as pure apprenticeship. The production of pipes I started in Siegerland in 1988. The love to pipes grew up with every holiday trip to Denmark, where I had first contacts with pipe makers. According to these contacts my pipes are inspired by Danish design.

My first handemade pipes I sold at markets and later I got the opportunity to present in "the house of 10.000 pipes" by Peter Heinrichs in Cologne .

After 20 years in public service my wife and I dared to realize our dream. We moved to Denmark specifically to Ringkøbing, a small town on the Danish west coast of Jutland in 2007. We ​​really enjoy being able to live and work there. Spontaneous going for a walk round the Ringkøbing fjord or to the beach 5km away we do quite often.

Two sons / daughters in law and grandchildren still live in Siegerland and Denmark is one of their holiday destinations.