P f e i f e n d e s i g n              Peter Klein
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 Italian Plateau - wood is the basic for "Freehands" I finished in Danish design on the grinding wheel. They are stained later in bright orange , gold up to walnut or reds . Finally, the heads are oiled and polished with carnauba wax ; a very small part is blasted.

The mouthpieces are handmade, some of rubber bar stock and the others of acrylic, which is very bite friendly . On some models there are placed rings from various woods such as boxwood , Bruyère , ash , olive and snake wood also silver , horn or different colored plastics. Mammut and Elforyn I use also.

 The spar is stamped with * Peter Klein - Denmark * and with letters from D to AA. For these pipes you have to pay 160 € to 800 € . An " Orca " stamped pipe is more expensive and you have to spend 600 € and more.

About 50% of my pipes have a 9 mm filter.